Emsculpt- The Advanced Treatment You Die for

Emsculpt- The Advanced Treatment You Die for

Accurate body contouring treatment options were already available before Emsculpt, which could eliminate excess fat. However, these procedures may not be appropriate for people who have only a small amount of fat or wish to improve the tone of their stomach and buttocks. Demand was growing and Emsculpt emerged as a solution for a non-invasive treatment which might burn fat while muscle building. You can visit an emsculpt treatment clinic to receive the treatment from the specialists.


The Start of BTL

For over 25 years, the medical and aesthetic sectors have been revolutionizing BTL Industries. The manufacturers are aware of what modern patients want, which they use for a proper non-invasive treatments. It is no surprise that this innovative firm can have its roots traced by the revolutionary Emsculpt device.

While Emsculpt technology is quite advanced, but, the main perception is straightforward. You cause voluntary muscle contractions when you exercise. Typically, these contractions build muscle and lose calories to help sculpt your body. However, it is difficult for many people to achieve their desired results by practice alone.

Emsculpt works by inducing unintentional muscular contraction that are far more powerful than the results of a typical exercise. The device uses high-intensity electromagnetic focused safety (HIFEM) technology. This is the only way to achieve this. HIFEM technology brings fat to the surrounding tissue and creates muscle without affecting the treatment area.

FDA-Clearance and Emsculpt Clinical Studies

Many experts are always looking to provide their discerning patients with advanced treatments. He has seen the incredibly huge requirement for a device like Emsculpt after having listened to many patients' body sculpting goals. That is why they are the first physician to come up with the technology in the United States to conduct clinical trials for the apparatus.

When Emsculpt treatment in clinic started in the abdominal region, the results showed that subcutaneous abdominal fat was 19 percent decreased

Muscle mass growth of 16%

44cm reduction in the abdominal fat thickness

4.4cm decrease of average waist

91% treatment results satisfaction

Emsculpt is unbelievably effective, as you can see. But above all, the treatment is unbelievably safe. FDA-approval was obtained in the U.S. by Emsculpt for:

Enhance the abdominal tone

Abdominal muscle reinforcement

Strengthening the abdomen

Reinforce, toning and firming the flesh

Treatments and results of Emsculpt in JUVA

Today, here in Oklahoma, you can use Emsculpt. The good news is, JUVA is completely painless during a treatment session. And best of all, after your treatment there will be no downtime.

Abdominal buttocks Emsculpt can be used:

Triceps & biceps

Muscles of the veal

After four 30 minute sessions of 2-3 days apart, you will probably see the most dramatic results. Our doctors will work with you to establish the appropriate timetable for your physical properties and goals.

The changing impact of Emsculpt have already been experienced by our patients! The evidence is in the photos before and after.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.
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