Get Details of BBL Treatment Here

Get Details of BBL Treatment Here

Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists, and aestheticians have been conscious that therapy with light may either cure or reduce the appearance of several conditions in the skin. BBL or wireless illumination is one such light therapy. You can go for BBL skin treatment if you wish to remain young forever.

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BBL- What Is It?

BBL is an intense pulsed or IPL kind of therapy. IPL is similar to laser light, but it uses a wide range of light that can be filtered out. Like laser, IPL and BBL use extremely precise light pulses to heat various skin imperfections. In areas of uneven pigmentation, such as age points, skin areas that have undergone a sunlight and fine lines and wrinkles, BBL is especially successful. It is also helpful against uneven skin, and rough, a condition characterized by an intense skin flushing that is unknown. The BBL wavelength also destroys acne-causing bacteria.

Working Procedure

BBL guided light pulses heat up the epidermis' upper layers. This blocks small blood vessels under your skin and allows your body to begin producing additional collagen and elastin, proteins that strengthen your skin. BBL is ideal for targeting a wide range of body areas, including face, back, arms and hands.

Treatment Sessions- What Happens?

Prior to the session, the patient has a consultation with the dermatologist or aesthetician to ensure that he or she is a successful BBL therapy candidate. This could be instructive for the patient, just before and after the procedure, to avoid taking medicine that is photo-sensitive and to protect against tanning and strong sunlight. Most patients are extremely pleased with the results of their therapy with BBL. Some dermatologists advise a patient to receive BBL therapy several times a year. This slows down the aging process and removes contaminants and pollutants in the skin.

Call a Professional

Whether you have uniform pigmentation areas, fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, acne scars you could be a BBL treatment candidate. To find out more, please contact Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa and make an appointment! Our caring and dedicated professionals are pleased to explain this BBL skin treatment in greater detail and answer any questions that you might have at our convenient location OKC. To set up your appointment, contact us today – we look forward to talking to you!

**Disclaimer: This content is neither medical advice nor it imply a doctor-patient relationship.
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