Get Your Correct Facts on Tattoo Removal

Get Your Correct Facts on Tattoo Removal

The more people want to get inked, the higher is rate of tattoo removal. The laser therapy is the best option these days to remove that inked image from your body. The laser removes the tattoo safely and effectively. But safety and results vary from a person to person that is why you should seek medical attention to remove a tattoo.

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The person who removes the tattoo has to consider many things, including your health, for a safer and efficient laser tattoo removal. Dermatologists have the necessary medical training to take account of your skin's health and body’s health. You know who is able to safely remove laser tattoos. Side effects are more common if someone is not trained.


Every color can be removed by a laser, but some colors are easier than others to respond. In addition, a specific laser light wavelength is needed to treat each color in a tattoo effectively. Many places where laser tattoo removal is offered will have one or two lasers — limiting the number of colors, which can result in not-so-good results and an increased risk of side effects.


It is hard to predict how many sessions the tattoo will take to decrease significantly without seeing and evaluating the tattoo first. The colors, depth and age of the tattoo are all to be considered.

The tattoo artist lays the ink when you get a tattoo. In 1 treatment session, a laser cannot break down all layers. You need to give your skin time to heal between treatments. You may see redness, swelling and some blistering after tattoo removal. It takes time on your body to flush the ink. The light shatters the ink into small parts as it hits the ink. These tiny particles must be flushed out by your body. Your tattoo should lighten after every treatment. The patients usually require 4-8 sessions on average.


A technique called selective photothermolysis bases this process. The laser targets the ink particles to a certain wavelength. Furthermore, the wavelength laser beams should go inside and absorb the pigment spectrum.

In addition, laser light is also soaked in turn in tattoo pigments. This step will increase the temperature. The increase in temperature does not harm the tissues, as it turns into a shock wave. The result is worth mentioning. This shock wave disintegrates pigment particles that subsequently relieve your body by the natural removal process.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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