Getting Familiar with the Temporary Nature of Tattoo Pigments

Getting Familiar with the Temporary Nature of Tattoo Pigments

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As per the latest research, the skin cells carrying the tattoo pigment might not stay permanent. The study on mice brought forth more conclusions. It revealed that the skin cells with tattoos could transfer the stain to newer cells. However, passing them on is not the only occurrence. They feed on the tattoo, lowering the ink amount on the skin.

In OKC, people often need to get rid of unwanted tattoos. This demand increases when they feel dissatisfied with the tattoo. Fortunately, laser tattoo removal can help you in this tattoo-fading process. At Longevity Aesthetics & Laser Spa, we have helped numerous clients eliminate the burden of unwanted tattoos. The professional service of our experts has always kept their satisfaction levels on top.


Laser tattoo removal involves the utilization of laser lights to target the skin's ink. It eliminates the hard-to-remove pigment by dissolving the ink particles. Furthermore, the laser relies on infrared light to deliver heat to ink. Here are the key features of the process:

  • The laser light arrives at the dermis layer of the skin.
  • After this, the ink begins to absorb the heat from the light.
  • As the laser light energy heats the ink, it spreads into the surrounding skin.

Simply put, laser tattoo removal is a straightforward procedure. However, most people in OKC need up to 10 sessions to obliterate standard-sized tattoos.


You can do away with dark yellow and red tattoos easily. Moreover, colors such as orange, violet, red, or brown need a minimum of 10 sessions. The removal process also depends on the tattoo placement and size.) The laser must be at a 532 nm wavelength to eliminate these colors.

Grey and black ink colors are the easiest to eliminate. As these darker colors absorb the infrared light efficiently, the ink dissipates within 6 to 10 sessions. The laser must be at a 1064 nm wavelength to remove a grey/black tattoo. You can also eliminate other darker colors such as dark brown, dark blue, and dark purple.


Here are a few colors that are difficult to remove:

  • Purple (light to medium shades are tough to obliterate.)
  • Green (darker greens are more accessible to remove than the lighter shades.)
  • Neon-colored inks
  • Turquoise
  • Lime green


Longevity Aesthetics & Laser Spa brings the convenience of the best tattoo removal process to fulfill your needs. Our professional team provides a wide range of treatments for all ages. Furthermore, we welcome both women and men with open arms. Allow us to prioritize your wellness goals!

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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