HALO, IPL and BBL Skin Treatment: Which Type of Treatment Is Better for You?

HALO, IPL and BBL Skin Treatment: Which Type of Treatment Is Better for You?

If you want to treat a wide range of problems and rejuvenate your skin, then the specialist provides two types of treatment. One is Halo laser rejuvenation and the other one is broadband light (BBL skin treatment) and intense-pulsed light. In the Halo laser treatment, the specialists use lasers and in the other two treatments, the specialists use light. But how can we, the clients, understand what is better for us? Actually, the treatment depends upon you, your skin, age and what you want.

How Do These Types of Treatments Work on Your Skin?

We all know that the harmful UV rays of the sun damage our skin very deeply. We may even suffer from skin cancer for that. But the good news is that LED light can help you to reduce small problems. IPL and BBL skin treatments are capable of reducing the damage to our skin.

The Halo laser is capable of working on your skin as a hybrid wavelength to get a good result. One type of laser works on the surface level of the skin and the other one works for stimulating the collagen production of your body.

However, Halo treatment can work on your skin accurately because you can customize the treatment. This hybrid fractional laser is capable of breaking the beam into smaller beams for reducing the damage and shortening the recovery time. If you take one sitting, then you can see the difference. It can reduce the fine lines, poor tone and skin texture, sagging skin, wrinkles and brown spots. 

Which Treatment Is Best for You?

Generally, the clients want huge change with one-time treatment and in a short time. Halo treatment is best for them. Most of the clients want a maximum of three days for the treatment. On the other hand, few clients have no such particular timeline. 

BBL skin treatment and IPL work almost the same way. Where IPL uses a single beam of light, BBL can use multiple light wavelengths. IPL works better in a particular area and BBL can work on a wider range of skin. Both IPL and BBL treatment reduce hair removal problems, enlarge pores and reduce rosacea.

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