How BBL Therapy Works On Correcting Skin Imperfection?

How BBL Therapy Works On Correcting Skin Imperfection?

The BBL or broadband light treatment therapy has its own standard for treating different skin conditions coming from age, lifestyle and sun exposure. It uses the pulse light for rendering expected great results. In the treatment course, the lights heat up the upper skin layer. The to-be-treated areas absorb the heat, and it stimulates collagen production. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and smoother. 

Besides the photo-thermal energy decreases the age spots, redness, freckles and other types of pigmentation and active acne – and this treatment can take place in any body area. At the end result you will come out of the clinic with a smoother skin, with less visible and small pores, fewer aging lines and a smooth skin tone. This treatment with no recovery time can treat brown spots, Rosacea, age spots, sunspots, birthmarks, red spot or Hemangiomas, freckles and more. 

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The physicians have reported that the patients who got this therapy in the past nine years look like they have not aged for the last nine years and look ten years younger than their real age. People who regularly do BBL skin treatment can decrease and delay the aging appearances on the skin and hold the aging skin effects without looking artificial. 


The laser energy delivered by BBL on the targeted skin areas will heat up the upper skin layer gently. Gradually with new collagen production the skin cells will start to regenerate. When there are brown spots, the laser will penetrate the deep skin layer to get the pigment. The left-over pigments will peel off within seven to fourteen days. When there is a problem like redness, the blood vessels present in the superficial skin layers will absorb the laser energy that makes them to close. During the treatment course, the body will continue to destroy the vessel remnants. 


Patients often get a popping sensation. Patients often report about getting a little discomfort in the sensitive areas. 


Immediately after the treatment, there could be redness that looks like sunburn in the treated areas. The aggressiveness intensity may make the treated area swelled up for a few days. 


You will have a personalized treatment plan. Every two to six weeks the sessions are performed. You may need three to four treatments for complete correction but for additional treatment for rosacea or sun damage you may need more sessions. 


If you are sensitive to sunlight you should apply generous amount of sunscreen and follow other skincare routines as per instructions given. 


First the targeted area gets a cool gel application. Next, the achilled applicator is used to deliver the light energy on the skin. 

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