How Is the BBL Skin Treatment?

How Is the BBL Skin Treatment?

How Is the BBL Skin Treatment?

BBL is a non-abrasive non-invasive skin rejuvenation that uses an enhanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) –. It is designed to enhance signs of sun damage, rosacea, brown spots and acne scarring by using various kind of light.

The bbl skin treatment specialist will explain how she would first begin with the more intense light to reduce the redness of the skin as she will lather the face with the gel which would lead to the light. The light is intense; therefore, the eyes will be protected.

Initially the treatment is little uncomfortable. On the first session, the brown points and acne scars were targeted. The next phase was significantly worse than the first.

What to Look For

The Consultation

During your visit, a treatment provider will carefully look for sun damage, vascular problems and irregularities of the pigment that can be supported by BBL in your face, neck, chest and palms.

Prior to treatment

Before treatment is done, you will be asked to stay out of sunlight. We will ask you to wait a while before you come for treatments if you have been tanned lately.

We will ask you to avoid medicinal products that make you sensitive to light, but always consult your physician before medicinal products are stopped.

During the Treatment

Treatments take approximately 30-60 minutes. Your skin may seem somewhat red and swollen during treatment. It's an ordinary reaction. During treatment, your skin may feel mildly warm and a little discomfort.

After the Treatment

The scented lotions, exfoliants and aggressive scrubbing will be avoided. Initially the freckles and sunspots will get darker but will go away within one to three weeks. After the treatment, you may feel like sunburn, but an ice pack helps.


The BBL's light energy will heat your skin's top layers softly. The heat gets absorbed in the areas concerned, the cells start to stimulate the regeneration of new collagen. This restores the natural beauty of your skin, combines its natural colors and makes it smoother, vibrant, and younger. The photothermal energy also removes the redness of the vessels and reduces the undesired melanin-producing pigments. The BBL machine is fitted with advanced cooling characteristics that allow for minimal discomfort using high-power energy. BBL is a safe and efficient approach to skin that looks younger. It is advisable that people are treated for optimal results two to four times a year.

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