How Is the Non-invasive Skin Tightening and Body Shaping Process?

How Is the Non-invasive Skin Tightening and Body Shaping Process?

Tightening the skin and shaping the body both works to make your figure slim and firm. However, they work in various ways and produce various kinds of results.

How It Works?

Three main treatments are used: radiofrequency, IPL and ultrasound. Through various means of delivery, all three non-operative treatments deliver heat under the skin. This targeted heat distribution through deeper skin layers stimulates the natural collagen and the process of elastin production of the body. Take into account the main ingredients for smooth skin collagen and elastin; boosting its production helps to tighten the slender skin and to make the skin smoother.

As with skin tightening, many treatments for body shaping use radio frequency technology to deliver targeted heat over the surface of the skin. However, instead of simply stimulating the production of collagen and elastin like tightening skin, therapies used for the forming of the body break the volume of fat cells down below the skin. Cross-cutting tends to be used instead of firming and smoothing the skin to reduce the body circumference.

Why Choose This?

Skin tightening therapy works towards tightening and toning of your skin and your body. Tightening of the skin typically targets the skin under the chin or on the jawline, worry about the front line, and mouth lines. Skin tightening is usually done on the lower side of arms and legs and reduces the appearance of loose skin (like after pregnancy) in the thesis and abdomen.

Why Body Shaping?

The shape of the body – sometimes known as the contours of the body has challenging issues such as cellulite and circumference. This works in other words to make the contours of the body slim and toned. The body shape reduces body circumference through shrinking stubborn fat cells, like the thigh, arm, back and abdomen, in common problem areas while tightening the skin, often in those areas, works by strengthening and smoothing out excess skin. In contrast, body contouring (if ever) is rarely used to tighten the skin.

When You Follow a Non-surgical Process

The procedure is carried out in an ambulatory procedure, so there is not a hospital stay, lasts about 20-30 minutes.

The treatment area is guided during the session by a computer-controlled device. During the procedure, there is no pain, but a sensation of warmth will occur as energy comes from the deeper skin layers.

Skin Tightening and Contouring – How Fast You Can Go Back Home?

After your treatment, you can start normal activity again immediately. In your treatment area, you may experience a short period of redness or swelling.

The day after your treatment, you should continue to drink plenty of water to ensure that the ultrasound part is successful.

You need an average of 4-6 sessions at 7-14 days intervals depending on the area being treated. You're not going to see an immediate effect. Skin tightening may take 3 months, as collagen and elastin in your skin need to be restructured. After the second treatment, fat deposits may begin to change and continue to change for 2-3 months.

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