How Thermiva Is Beneficial?

How Thermiva Is Beneficial?

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Thermiva delivers the most remarkable outcomes in many instances by combining the numerous vaginal rejuvenation treatments on the current market. This technique is approved with the FDA using a special device which frees radio frequency power and heat to tighten the vagina’s external and/or internal tissue.


We will first address the aesthetic changes that you can expect in this FDA-approved technology before we hear about the medical benefits of using ThermiVa. The external genital organs can be rejuvenated by this procedure, i.e. the saggy labyrinth (the external lip or outer labyrinth) and the labia minora (the internal lip). Although this can seem like a simple cosmetic change, it can also lead to an improvement in sexual function and probably stronger orgasm.


Including the female externals, ThermiVa may be used to secure the vagina inside safely. The system leads to the vaginal wall which is saggy to retract by controlled heat, which has other beneficial effects. Through vaginal wall tightening, you might feel increased pressure, retraction and an enhanced sexual function of the valve within the vagina and a satisfactory orgasm as a result.


It takes only a few minutes to complete this in-office treatment. The majority of patients report a warmth feeling that is very pleasant, so no anesthesia is needed. The temperature of the radiofrequency is carefully regulated and monitored so that the deeper tissue can be transmitted without burning, blistering, and scarring.

As well as tightening the tissues of the vagina that are loose, ThermiVa has shown that increased collagen production is being activated as the skin and tissue's main structural protein. Some doctors even call it "a vagina lift" as a result of its tightening and rejuvenating effects.


ThermiVa does no need long recovery time. Yes, directly after the procedure, you should begin your usual activities. Some other types of rejuvenation methods are not the same. While some patients reported major changes after just one visit, most would need more than one session.


It's best if you're not pleased with the look of your outer genitalia and experiences uncomfortable intercourse attributable to dryness, urinary track issues, vaginal prolapse (sag) and tampon retention difficulties. The two most important causes of the above-listed problems are advancing age and prior childbirth. Nonetheless, your sequential age does not determine your eligibility as a crucial factor.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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