How to De-Ink Your Skin? Try Laser Tattoo Removal

How to De-Ink Your Skin? Try Laser Tattoo Removal

This is the perfect time for people of OKC to learn more about laser tattoo removal! Have you made a misleading youthful mistake that constantly make you regret? Tattoos often seem like a great idea, but we can start questioning the decision about our tattoo when we grow older. Even if you still like tattoos but have changed your life and are no longer suitable, the removal options have now been significantly improved! The Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa in OKC will help you to regain clear, natural skin without tattoo markings. Stop the tattoo you don't want anymore!

Does Tattoo Removal Work?

In recent years, tattoo removal techniques have improved considerably, and the laser technology used for removal continues to improve. Although it is difficult to remove some colors, the process keeps producing better and better results. After you begin the laser tattoo removal process, you will not have to worry about your tattoo. Your skin tone will also play a role in treatment difficulty, although removal cannot take place in very few cases.

How Long the Process Runs?

A variety of factors may influence your process. These include the colors and the ink used, tattoo size, tattoo positioning and the skin tone. These considerations include: As you co-operate to create a plan to provide the desired results, our technician will review all of these details. You may want to break the process up in several stages to decrease the amount of stress you may have during the process if you have a large tattoo in a delicate area of your body. Different types of laser technologies can be implemented in the shortest possible time to obtain the most effective results. You don't want to keep a tattoo anymore, because it offers a safe and effective solution!

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How Is the Process?

Laser tattoo removal uses a high-intensity light beam for breaking down pigment colors. Black tattoo color is the easiest one to treat and absorbs all wavelengths. Only selected lasers based on the color of the pigment can handle other colors.

You should first consult a professional who can assess and advise you on your tattoo. The sessions of treatments that you need depends on your tattoo's age, size and color. The color of your skin will also influence the removal technique, together with the depth of the tattoo pigment.

In general, during a laser tattoo removal session, this is what you should expect:

  • A protective eye shield pair

  • The technician tests your skin's reaction to laser to determine the most efficient energy for treatment.

  • The technician uses laser, which only absorbs tattoo pigment, to pass the pulse of intense light across the top layers of your skin.

Smaller tattoos will need fewer pulses, and bigger pulses will have to be removed. In each case, several treatments are needed to completely get rid of a tattoo. You should gradually lighten your tattoo after each visit. See us for tattoo removal in OKC at Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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