How to Ease up Facelift Recovery?

How to Ease up Facelift Recovery?

Facelift like any other surgical process has less recovery time than ever now. A skilled surgeon is always the best person to guide through the process. The incisions are made in the easily concealable locations such a way that a patient gets the best results. The board-certified doctors and surgeons with years of experience are the best people to do this for you.

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The processes are tailor-made according to the individual need and aging pattern along with the facial anatomy. It will finally render natural-looking results. Two patients will not get same kind of recovery after the treatment. To get the best recovery and results you should follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon. The before and after instruction of care indeed have the most impact on the results.


The best thing ever can be done for the treatment is planning ahead. After the surgery most ordinary things can seem to be a task. Get someone to drive you back at home after the surgery and to stay with you for at least first two days as you will need relaxation and rest at this period.


Do not even think of smoking. If you are a regular smoker avoid it for at least 14 days after the surgery. The smoking creates obstacles to the natural blood flow and it can cause great complications and more risk at the healing process.


In most of the cases the blood thinner medications should be avoided. You should not take this medicine before and after the facelift surgery. You surgeon will provide a list medications from which you need to stay away.


The healing process would not go well if you do not keep your body enough hydrated. You should consume enough water for fast recovery otherwise your skin will turn dry and healing would be delayed.


The initial days are indeed the most important ones for recovering. You should always stay in a comfortable and hygienic space for speedy recovery. You can collect more pillows and cozy blankets if that make you feel good. Read books, watch TV or keep yourself occupied the way you want but make sure that does not put you in physical strain.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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