How to Select a Good Clinic for Tattoo Removal?

How to Select a Good Clinic for Tattoo Removal?

You may think you have waited long enough to start the tattoo removal process, but there may be a difference between receiving the results and the results you are afraid of. You should take time to do some research.

Choose a laser clinic to save you more than just your cash before your first schedule — it saves the skin. Before going for tattoo removal, see here to know what you should look for.

What Do Clients Believe?

The greatest mistake is that people tend to look at consumer feedback of laser tattoo removal treatments. Of course, no company is perfect, but most reviews will be positive. This can also inform you when you look at the social media accounts of the company. You will see how fast staff responds to customer complaints, for instance. It's nice that you're going to not have a problem, but it's better to always know what's going to happen if you do so in advance.

What Lasers Are Used by the Doctor?

It may be shocking to find out that there are several forms of lasers if you are only in the beginning of your study. There are not only various styles intended to get rid of a tattoo, but also some used for other cosmetic procedures. All of these lasers would probably look the same to someone who knows nothing about this form of technology. For some, the same laser is used for all the therapies provided, which makes its operations inefficient.

It is also essential to obtain which lasers are good for other ink colors and which lasers work for the color of your skin. People with dark or tanned skin need a laser to avoid the oxidation and discoloration of skin pigment.

Growing laser emits a precise laser energy wavelength measured in nanometers to remove certain colors of ink. Here's a short rundown.

Wavelength of 1064 nm

  • Suitable for black and white tattoos removal

  • May handle different colors of ink

Wavelength of 532 nm

  • Active red, violet, green, yellow and brown ink removal

  • May handle different colors of ink

Wavelengths of 694 nm

  • Suitable for removing colors of blue, green and turquoise inks such as lime-green

  • Can strip 1064 nm wavelength resistant black ink

Wavelengths of 755 nm

  • Great for green and blue color treatment

  • Can also handle black inks

  • Not able to clear red ink because it is a red laser

Training of Employees

Many schools offer laser technology courses and certification upon completion, but none are qualified in the medical field. The outcomes of laser tattoo removal procedures by a licensed medical technician vary significantly from those of an individual with a paper certificate. There are major variations. What kind of training and experience are needed to ensure a complete removal with few or no side effects for people who are treating you.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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