Incorporating the Most Effective Practices to Boost CoolSculpting Outcome in 2022

Incorporating the Most Effective Practices to Boost CoolSculpting Outcome in 2022

Every man and woman dreams about being in their best shape irrespective of who they are. Although there are numerous ways of reducing that unwanted fat (such as exercise and lifestyle changes), people need something more promising. This demand brought coolsculpting into the limelight.

Our clients in Oklahoma City were initially worried about the procedure's efficacy. However, the results gave them a pleasant surprise after a few months. CoolSculpting is one of the safest ways to lower fat bulges from the flanks, abdomen, and other body parts. Let us now discuss the best practices to boost the results of this non-invasive treatment.

Drinking Adequate Water

Before and after the procedure, people must pay utmost attention to water consumption. An ideal target would be drinking at least 100 ounces of water every day. Furthermore, those who indulge in caffeinated beverages (like coffee or tea), exercise strenuously, or remain outdoors in extreme weather conditions must ensure more water intake.

Following a Healthy Lifestyle

People in Oklahoma City often overlook the benefits of a healthy lifestyle during their fat loss journey. Although the treatments like coolsculpting bring satisfactory results, it targets only the specific regions of fat and not the entire body. Hence, it is crucial to befriend regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Learn to Manage the Expectations

You cannot ignore the fact that good things take time. The same holds in the case of CoolSculpting. Although some can glimpse outcomes within a few weeks, others might have to wait several months. In general, this non-invasive treatment gives permanent satisfaction within four months.

Stay Away from the Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

We recommend everyone to say no to anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin for 6-7 weeks after CoolSculpting. The natural inflammatory mechanism of your body eliminates dead fat cells from the targeted regions. NSAIDs try their best to obstruct this response leading to dissatisfactory results.

In severe cases, you can experience the possibility of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH). This complication fuels the expansion of fatty cells. However, it is a treatable side effect.

Giving Attention to the Follow-Up Treatments

The requirements of the body differ from person to person. In Longevity Aesthetics+ Laser Spa, we pay attention to your specific needs during the follow-up treatments. In addition to this, you get simplified home care tips to maximize the outcome.

Revive Your Ideal Shape

Longevity Aesthetics + Laser Spa aims to fulfill your fat-reduction requirements with the most trusted coolsculpting procedure. Our expert team is here to ensure the safest treatment facilities for people of all ages. Let us boost the longevity of your well-being.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.
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