Know About These 3 Skin Tightening Treatments

Know About These 3 Skin Tightening Treatments

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments are exactly what they sound like - a noninvasive procedure targeted to tighten the lax skin on your face, neck, arms, stomach, and other parts of the body.

As the human body falls prey to old age with time, the production of collagen and elastin is stumped. As a result, the skin starts losing its firmness and plump texture.

There is nothing wrong with embracing graceful aging, after all the older the wine is, the finer it gets. But women (and men) are not wine. If someone wishes to alter their appearance, they should have the freedom of doing so without getting shamed for it. The cosmetic industry has kept up with us and today there are numerous FDA-approved non-surgical skin tightening methods. You may not have the fountain of youth, but at least you have Longevity Aesthetic + Laser Spa’s expert team.

What Skin Tightening Treatments Do We Offer?


Ultherapy is an FDA-approved technology that is used as a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Sometimes ultherapy is also used to postpone a facelift.

The procedure works by targeting ultrasound energy on problem areas. Once the skin reaches an ambient temperature, it boosts collagen regeneration. The applicator can permeate through wrinkles and fine on the surface of the skin, the secondary layer including dermis and hypodermis, and even the muscles.

Ulteraphy is best suited for eyebrows, double chins, and décolletage or the chest area. The procedure has no downtime and you should be able to resume regular activities the moment you step out of our clinic.

PDO Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift uses a dissolvable suture to lift the skin. Thread lifts do not require you to go under the scalpel and the procedure can be performed in under 45 minutes. PDO stands for polydioxanone, the compound is colorless and biodegradable. It takes PDO 6 months to start breaking down in your body. There are 3 kinds of PDO threads that are used in a thread lift.
  • PDO mono threads are sutures that rejuvenate and stimulate collagen production.
  • PDO cog threads lift your face using hook-like barbs that latch onto your skin.
  • PDO screw threads are two or more intertwined threads that restore volume to a sunken face.
PDO thread lifts have significantly lower chances of scarring, bleeding, and bruising. This method is ideally suited for treating eyes, cheeks, jaw, and neck. To make a thread lift more pronounced, it is often accompanied by ultherapy.

ELOS Skin Rejuvenation

ELOS skin rejuvenation is a kind of photo facial for skin tightening. ELOS uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and laser to address minor sagging on your face and neck. Most of our patients report no discomfort during the procedure, the skin is cooled before administering the applicator to ensure the skin is mostly numb and doesn’t react to the heat. With ELOS, you will begin noticing improved texture and firmness in as little as 5 sessions.

In addition to skin tightening treatments for the face, neck and chest, Longevity also offers ThermiVa. ThermiVa is a vulvovaginal non-surgical treatment to tighten and rejuvenate the labia and vagina.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.
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