Laser Hair Removal and Tanning: Worst Combination

Laser Hair Removal and Tanning: Worst Combination

Are you tired of shaving and waxing every fifteen days? Does it hurt like hell every time you do it? Don’t worry as there is an easy solution for you. It is one of the top treatments to remove your hair from your body permanently. Yes, surprised? The treatment is known as laser hair removal. It has become popular lately and a lot of people are opting for the same.

But before you get laser hair removal in Oklahoma City, you must understand all possible side effects and things you need to avoid prior to that.

Many beauty experts of the industry say that deep tanning is the most important thing to avoid before getting laser hair removal. No matter if it is fake or real, both can cause lousy pigmentation on your skin. You won't even get the desired results from your hair removal treatment if you have tanning on your skin. Here is everything you need to know about tanning and laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal: Overview

Laser hair removal targets all your unwanted follicles with its light beam and helps you eliminate that unwanted hair permanently. When laser hair removal is done, the hair's pigment (melanin) is targeted by the laser's light. Heat generated by the photons of light destroys the sacs of tubular shape (hair follicles) located deep within the skin. As a result, new hair won't grow for a prolonged period.

In most cases, laser hair removal can significantly reduce the rate at which hair grows back, but it cannot lead to permanent hair removal. To achieve permanent hair reduction with laser hair removal, it usually takes several treatments. Hair removal using a laser is most successful on persons with light complexion and dark or black hair, although it works well on all skin tones.

The Danger of Tan Before Laser Hair Removal

There are many things that your specialist can tell you to avoid before and after getting your hair removed. It is necessary to follow those rules to get an effective result. Tanning is something that does not mix well with laser hair removal. If you have a tan, then it can cause lousy pigmentation in those areas.

The treatment is done according to your skin type, and the setting of the bean light also depends on that. If the skin’s shade changes, then the setting also needs to be adjusted accordingly. The professionals from the laser hair removal center suggest letting your tan fade first and then getting the treatment done.

The Process: In Detail

The laser hair removal treatment follows specific steps to complete the whole process. This is how the entire procedure works:

The specialist first adjusts the handheld device according to the client's skin type

The device is moved all over the targeted area to reach the unwanted follicles

The client feels an uncomfortable sensation for a while, which goes away right after the process is over

The Logic behind Skin Types

To understand why laser hair removal does not mix well with tanning, you must know how it works with different-colored skin.

The follicle receives heat from the laser that uses pulses of light to create the heat

Then heat goes down to the base of the hair, where it interconnects with the cell that supplies blood.

This damages the cell, and new hair can't emerge

The laser depends on the contrast in the color of your skin and hair to do the following procedure. Your specialist selects the setting based on your hair's skin color.

Get a Smooth Skin in No Time

You should opt for laser hair removal if you want smooth skin with no hair. You can get this done from Longevity Aesthetic & Laser Spa in Oklahoma City. They have the best specialist on their team who have been in this work for a long time. Call us and ensure your beautification today!

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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