Learn About Emsculpt Treatment And How It Works

Learn About Emsculpt Treatment And How It Works

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Fat can make your abdomen and buttocks dull. Do you want to shed your fat in a non-surgical way? Yes it's possible. Emsculpt is a muscle-building device that can burn fat and sculpt your body. It is the first FDA-cleared energy device. It helps men and women build their muscles and sculpt their body. It takes 30 minutes (max) to complete the whole procedure which is 100 percent non-invasive. But not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. If you want to learn more about Emsculpt, you can visit an Emsculpt treatment clinic.


  • Emsculpt uses a cutting edge technology that has electromagnetic power. It tones your body after eliminating the fat.
  • Electromagnetic power helps the muscles to contract on a certain level and allows the fat to burn down.
  • You have to follow maintenance treatment per month after the procedure is over. The result of the treatment will not last more than one year. You have to work out regularly to maintain your muscles and fat.

Despite being a revolutionary approach in the world of surgery, this treatment is not meant for everyone. Since it is not a procedure to lose weight, this treatment is suitable for those who work out regularly. People with muscle issues are also not the candidates for this treatment.


You have to make an appointment with an Emsculpt provider or you can find an Emsculpt treatment clinic on your own in this regard. After the consultation between you and your Emsculpt provider is over, your provider will examine your full body. You should tell your provider about the treatment area and your toning goals.

The procedure will run in three phases. Each phase will go about 20-30 minutes. An Emsculpt device will be placed on the treatment area during the procedure. After the procedure is over, the patient can start his/her session as usual.


Emsculpt treatment has many advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Emsculpt treatment takes very less time. The patient doesn't need to prepare for the treatment.
  • The patient can start his/her daily activities right after the end of the treatment.
  • Emsculpt treatment doesn't involve surgery.
  • The recovery time for Emsculpt treatment is very less.
  • The patient can see and feel the result of the treatment after two months.

Emsculpt treatment doesn't mean that you should leave your traditional exercise. You have to workout regularly to maintain the shape of your muscles.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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