Micro-Needling Vs. RF Micro-Needling: Discover the Finer One

Micro-Needling Vs. RF Micro-Needling: Discover the Finer One

Are you fascinated with the idea of skin tightening but do not want surgery? You are in luck, as several options now provide such cosmetic treatments without going under the knife. Two such options are micro-needling and RF micro-needling. Both might sound the same to you but aren't, as the only thing similar about these treatments is that you can get this done in some of the best medical spas in Oklahoma City.

While micro-needling is known to be one of the most popular skin tightening treatments, RF micro-needling is also making its own space lately. Both treatments do not generate any wounds whereas help to increase the collagen in your skin. This can visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your skin without inflicting much pain.

This article focuses on some major differences between micro-needling and RF micro-needling.

The Concept of Traditional Micro-needling Vs. RF micro-needling

When we talk about traditional micro-needling, it takes the help of our body's capability to heal wounds to tighten the skin. The specialists from the best medical spa in Oklahoma City use different types of needles to do the procedure. The needle punctures the skin by creating a micro-incision that gets the elastin and collagen moving. Some patients have claimed that after doing this procedure, they have seen changes in the texture of their skin. This is because the procedure encourages the growth of new tissues in your skin that are much healthier than the last one.

On the other hand, RF micro-needling uses radio frequency to insert needling in the skin. It uses the same method of traditional needling but adds heat to the procedure that reaches the skin's surface. This is an effective procedure done in some best medical spas that helps your body to produce more collagen and makes your face look younger. An additional benefit of RF micro-needling is that it can reduce skin scarring and treat sagging skin at the same time.

Common Differences Between Micro Needling and RF Micro-Needling

According to the specialists of the best medical spas around the city, the first difference is the amount of penetration both needles can do to your skin. Traditional treatment uses some unique needles that can perforate inside your skin. However, RF micro-needling can go deeper than the traditional one. This procedure can go to the inner layers without hurting or damaging the skin's surface.

Another significant difference is that RF micro-needling can treat scars, which traditional micro-needling isn't capable of. The traditional process can't break the scar tissue with the needle puncture alone, so it isn't very effective in reducing it.

Another thing that makes RF micro-needling different from traditional one is the fact that it can be customized. The patients going to the best medical spas can choose the depth and frequency depending on the result they want to achieve. When radiofrequency heat energy is used on your skin, the deeper layer and surface layer get heated simultaneously. RF micro-needling can be done on all skin types with any complexion.

Choose the Superior Treatment

Now that you know the differences between traditional micro-needling and RF micro-needling, you can choose the one you consider to be a better option for your skin. You can get the treatment done by the specialists of Longevity Aesthetic & Laser Spa, who are here to help you with years of experience in this field. You should sign up today to receive special offers.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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