Spider Vein Treatments That Work Effortlessly

Spider Vein Treatments That Work Effortlessly

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Though people in Oklahoma City does not really understand how they develop spider vein it can be either from hormone estrogen, or from hormone progesterone, which are both genetic reasons. It is said that it usually happens if the veins go through some damage or weakness. Spider vein and Varicose veins are both typically large and doesn’t look very appealing for the person having it. It can lower the self-esteem of the person and they keep covering themselves even in high heat. Typically, the spider veins are not very painful and does not suffer any other damage but they might opt for spider vein treatment in clinics for cosmetic reasons. These treatments either remove it or make the appearance to lighten.


Telangiectasis is the medical name of spider vein, which is a kind of small varicose vein. This mostly occur on a person’s leg but can occur in any other part of the body, for example your face. This occur if the flaps of the veins get weak which results in the blood flow to stop flowing forward pool in the vein. Though mostly it is seen that spider veins do not come with any symptoms, sometimes the area itches or burns.


Spider vein treatment are usually offered by vein doctor or vascular surgeon where a ‘vein doctor’ doesn’t refer to a vein specialist. It can be a general practitioner, radiologist, or cardiologist. The treatments that are offered is non-invasive like laser treatment, or ambulatory phlebectomy. Only a vascular surgeon of Oklahoma City has the knowledge to offer a vein stripping surgery to the patient.


Spider vein treatments are mostly done for cosmetic reasons but some people feel certain discomforts because of this vein. There are many different options available, some of them are as following:

Compression stockings- The easiest spider vein treatment that all specialist suggest is to wear compression stockings. This is a good way of stopping more spider veins to develop and improve the blood flow of the vein. It can help the legs from getting any more blood clots and reduce any swelling that might have happened before.

Laser treatment- the second most used spider vein treatment which uses a laser which focuses a beam of light that is very strong and can make the spider vein to clot and dry up. This is a less invasive treatment than most other ones because no injections are used in this one.

Endovenous laser therapy- This is also known as EVLT, is a new procedure which is somewhat invasive in nature. The specialist does an incision and then puts a laser fibre from there. This makes the cells to collapse as the laser puts heat to the vein which takes at least a year to disappear.


You need to get the treatment done from a specialist who is experienced in this field. Just like Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa, where you have board-certified doctors and expert teams who offer full range of treatments for everyone.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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