Stay Forever Young with BBL Skin Treatment

Stay Forever Young with BBL Skin Treatment

Broadband light (BBL) laser therapy, also known as a photo facial, is an effective treatment for many different skin concerns. It is mostly done on the face, back, neck, decollate, back of hands, and other body parts. BBL skin treatment is more delicate than a deep chemical peel and laser dermabrasion which is also done using light. Most people in Oklahoma City have chosen this treatment as it is very effective and provides clear results. The laser treatment sends light energy through pigment-containing cells, which helps fade any unwanted pigmentations. This BBL skin treatment can be customized according to the health of your skin and ensure you achieve the best result.

Stay Forever Young with BBL Skin Treatment


There are certain places where the BBL skin treatment can help you. It can treat sun damage, freckles, fine lines, small veins, birthmarks, uneven skin texture, hair removal, age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and rosacea. After the treatment, you will see an overall improvement in your skin's firmness and appearance.


Most of your skin issues might be visible at the top layer of your skin but are far below the surface. The BBL skin treatment targets all those damaged cells so that it can disrupt pigmentation, stop hair at the root to prevent regrowth, and encourage new cell growth. They have been using new cutting-edge technology that uses heat and light energy to reach the targeted issues.

Cell pigment is destroyed, which stops discoloration and stimulates collagen growth. This helps your skin to get a youthful and healthier glow. This non-invasive and non-ablative treatment has become very popular among people living in Oklahoma City. Unlike much other invasive treatment, BBL skin treatment is painless and takes little to no downtime for recovery. Depending on the issue being treated, the provider's office can take a few minutes.


The number of seating can vary from patient to patient, and the provider determines an appropriate plan based on expected results. Sometimes the provider combines the procedure with other cosmetic treatments to meet the patient's expectations. The whole procedure is conducted in a series of three to six treatments for the most results. You need to have at least two to four treatments per year.


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