The Facelift Recovery Process- How Long Does it Take?

The Facelift Recovery Process- How Long Does it Take?

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Rhytidectomy, or a facelift, can help improve the appearance of the face and neck due to ageing. Many people who are dissatisfied with wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls often get this treatment to get a youthful, natural appearance.

When you are thinking about getting a facelift, you should be aware of the procedures, including surgical and post-operative protocol. A facelift will be noticeable within a few months, but the recovery time is much shorter.

The length of time it takes to recover is dependent on a number of factors, including age, health, and the type of procedure done. It's true that you can't always know exactly what will happen, but adhering to your surgeon's post-procedure care instructions can help significantly with the outcomes of your facelift.

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Make sure that you are following post-operative incision care and keeping your incisions clean to avoid infection during this time.

First day: It's possible to feel foggy and drowsy. In order to help you out on your first night back at home, you should have arranged for friends and family to take you home and care for you. As a rule, day one is when you most require medication to combat discomfort.

Second Day: Your surgeon will ask you to come for a follow-up appointment around this time. They will undo or redo your surgical dressings, check your incisions and swelling, and remove your bandages. Once the area has been re-dressed and the surgeon has reviewed post-surgical care, he or she will discharge you.

Third Day: You should rest today, but you should feel better and become restless by tomorrow. Bruising and swelling tend to peak around day 3 and 4, but they are both likely to remain for several more weeks. If you feel any uneasiness, keep taking your medication.

Next 4-5 Days: People will not require prescription pain medications by this point. You should notice swelling diminish. As you become more confident, you should be able to walk around more easily. If you're feeling well enough, light housework may be permissible.


You'll likely have swelling and bruising for the next week in the affected areas. Also, some people may experience tingling, numbness, and tightness as a result of swelling and bruising. After any facelift, these are all typical occurrences, so there is no reason to worry. After a couple of weeks, a lot of people feel like themselves again and are ready to go back to work and start taking walks.


The period of time between days 15-30 of weeks 3 and 4. Depending on your procedure and healing process, removal of your sutures can occur as early as the end of week one or as late as week three. Your symptoms may still persist at weeks 3 and 4, but you should start to feel and look much better. Patients will experience significant improvement in their facial contour as they start to see these changes. You can return to your usual exercise routine and engaging in activities while receiving minimal, if any, outward signs of your surgery. There should be some redness in the incision sites, but this should fade in time.


After a month has passed since your operation, you should be able to return to everyday activities and getting back to your usual life. Bruising, very minor swelling, tightness, and numbness can take as long as a year to subside.

Remember that the above time periods are only very general. The outcome of the surgery is sure to be different for each person, and you should always follow your plastic surgeon's instructions. Those who do their homework, practice good safety measures, and follow their surgeon's post-surgery care recommendations usually have a simple healing process and positive outcomes. It's crucial to speak with your surgeon at every stage of the procedure. Inquire about any symptoms they may be having, and let them know if you notice anything that's strange.


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