The Injection That Can Make You Look Youthful-Botox

The Injection That Can Make You Look Youthful-Botox

There are many anti-aging treatments present in Oklahoma City nowadays, but botox is known to be the most effective option. Some studies suggested that 7.27 million people had chosen botox treatment in 2017, up by 2% from the previous year. Earlier, botox was frowned upon (see what I did there!); now, it has become a go-to treatment for anti-aging. Here we will discuss what you can expect if you decide to get a botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is a kind of an injectable that is found in a dermatologist's office containing "bacterium clostridium botulinum" that can draw on a neurotoxic protein. It is a cosmetic treatment that can paralyze some of your facial muscles. Botox has become so common a thing used to smooth out fine lines that it is used by most cosmetic enthusiasts. , Some other neurotoxins can do the same thing like Xeomin, Dysport, and Juneau, but botox has no alternative. Botox is used for many other purposes like jaw pain, migraine, and to stop sweating in the armpit.

What are the Things to Expect When You Get Botox?

Is it Safe?

Botox is FDA-approved and absolutely safe. It is used in many skin care creams and serums and can actually work as medicine on certain health issues like migraine and hyperhidrosis. However, pregnant women are recommended not to have botox during their pregnancy period and during the time they are breastfeeding. To get the results you are hoping for, you need to go to a professional.

What Risks Can be Expected?

People who have had their botox done suffered from bruising and swelling, though it is not that common. Studies suggest that people who are healthy have a zero percent chance of getting an infection from the procedure. You might undergo some asymmetry after the treatment, but it is common, and your specialist can make it even in the next session. This happens because it is said that one side of our face is stronger than the other.

Is it Painful?

The procedure is done with a small injection, the same as the one used for insulin. It doesn't take a long time to put the botox in, so it doesn't hurt at all.

Can it Make You Look Different?

Botox has the ability to make your skin healthier and smoother, but it cannot change your appearance! It can make your skin more awake and beautiful.

Is it Permanent?

No, our body can metabolize the botox, which makes it last for three to five months on average. It also depends on how good the person's metabolism is and how much that person exercises. You have to go for multiple sessions to keep your young look intact.

Get the Painless Injection Today

There's a reason why this anti-aging treatment is in trend, and Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa provides you that the same with seamless effort. You can have full control over your appearance and youthfulness. Call us to schedule your Botox consultation today.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.
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