The Spider Vein Treatment Causes and Treatment

The Spider Vein Treatment Causes and Treatment

A spider vein may appear on the surface of the legs or face that are small and damaged veins. They usually aren't painful or harmful, but for cosmetic reasons some people might wish to treat them.

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Spider-veins may be blue, purple, or red and thin lines, tapes, or branches may appear. Sometimes people also call them veins of thread.A number of treatments may remove or reduce the appearance of spider veins.

We would discuss the causes and prevention as a part of spider vein treatment.                                     



Studies have shown that up to 90% of spider vein patients have a family history. Women are also affected by the risk factor spinal veins more than men and their age contributes. This is caused by weakening of the valves in the veins as the patient ages.


Many pregnant women have spider veins as a result of extra pressure on the leg veins by adding fetus weight. After pregnancy, spider veins might disappear, but some may be permanent.


People who weigh more than their ideal body could have spider veins because their leg veins are pressured further. The risk of a spider vein is also increased in women taking birth control or undergoing hormonal therapy for menopause, as estrogen weakens their venous valves.


When a person remains at the same position like sitting or standing for longer periods the leg veins work extra hard to pump blood into the heart. In people who stand or sit for hours, this added pressure may cause spider veins.


Exposure to the sun's damaging ultraviolet light causes skin damage, particularly on the face, and puts a patient at greater risk for spider veins. An earlier blood clot or damage to the veins also means that the veins are not working properly, which may lead to the same condition.


Some changes in the way of life and tips for self-care may help to prevent new spider veins or to prevent the worsening of existing veins. These include the following:

Sunscreen Use - The daily use of sunscreen can help prevent spider veins, especially on the face. When outside for long periods, use sun protection hats and clothes.

Healthy weight maintenance - This contributes to the lowering of blood pressure and the slowing of the blood.

Compression Stockings - Where spider veins or varicose veins are an issue in the family, consider the use of compression stuffs or socks.

Be Mobile - Avoid sitting or standing without a break for longer periods. Get up every 30 minutes, and walk around.

Tight Clothes Avoidance - Too close to the waist, legs, or pelvis can reduce blood flow and increase the risk of a spider vein.

Restrict the alcohol consumption- Alcohol can cause the face to flush and blood vessels to be broken in some people.

Exercise - Physical activity can improve blood circulation and prevent leg pooling.

Leg Lift - Lifting the legs while sitting or sleeping can help prevent blood pooling into the legs downwards.

Cover-up products - In spider veins, people can often mask or temporarily minimize the appearance of the body or leg make-up. Products for self-tanning can also work to this end.

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