Tips for Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Tips for Tattoo Removal Aftercare

The reason for removing the tattoo from your body can be anything. While doing so the latest tattoo removal is the best way since this is considered as the safest and non-invasive method that is known to be the most effective one. But if you desire the most effective result following the aftercare instructions by the expert is the only way out. The laser breaks the ink in the skin. The patient must assure that the skin receives the due course of attention and care after stepping out the clinic.  It prevents infection and side effects. Here is a general guideline to follow for taking care of de-inked skin.

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After the laser treatment, make sure to compress cold at the treated area as it will lessen heat, discomfort and inflammation. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. It will boost your immunity and eliminate the toxin from the body and will restore the blood cells. This is the primary way for infection prevention and improving recovery time. Exercise increases blood flow and it helps to break down the ink particles. At the first two days of the treatment you should avoid doing exercise as it may exacerbate skin blisters and irritations. Say no to smoking and alcohol. Both delays healing time and slows down ink elimination.

Always try to keep the area dry and clean. You can use mild soap and water for cleaning the area and pat dry. Now cover that area with bandage and use antibiotic ointment for the first three days. Keep changing the bandage thrice a day.

Stay away from any kind of water activities and soaking the area. It includes swimming pools, baths, hot tubsetc. You can take shower if water force does not hit the area directly.

Blistering is a common side effect. It is the sign that the body is flushing the ink and working for it. Let the side effects get healed naturally. Picking and popping the blisters would cause severe damage to the skin.

You should avoid any tanning exercise as it affects and makes skin discoloration. Once the treatment is healed completely, use SPF 25 or more.

If you experience any discomfort after tattoo removal, contact our Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa immediately.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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