What Facial Areas Can Be Treated by Botox?

What Facial Areas Can Be Treated by Botox?

The rod-shaped bacteria i.e. Clostridium Botulinum are readily found in the soil. Clostridium Botulinum bacteria are seven types, which are differentiated by the type A to G. The toxic types A, B, E and F of Clostridium Botulinum begin with human diseases although Allergan uses Type A to make its Botox product range. Types B and C of Clostridium Botulinum cause animal disease.

BOTOX is a bacterium-derived therapeutic agent called the Botulinum Toxin, type A. This is a therapeutic substance called Clostridium. The BOTOX brand, originally for treatment of eye spasm and strabismus (eye misalignment), is manufactured in controlled laboratory conditions and given in extremely small therapeutic doses.

BOTOX comes in a vial of freeze-dried product, containing 100 u (units). The vials are stored at -5 degree F in the office until the BOTOX is typically recomposed with 2 to 4 cc standard saline. The dose is 50u per cc or 50 u per 0.1 cc at 2 cc reconstitution. At 4 cc, 25 u is taken per cc or 2.5 u is taken by 0.1 cc. If used within 4 hours after reconstitution, the results are reportedly best.

The Facial Areas

Forehead Lines: The horizontal front lines above the brows are the first area in which I do Botox. This muscle typically reacts very well to Botox. This is the area where doctors arevery careful because patients often have a brow drop if the dose in this area is too strong. It is the same muscle that lifts the eyebrows, and their eyelids actually feel harder if they cannot lift their eyebrows. Now, it's different from the glabellar area, which can sometimes be seen as a complication.

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Glabellar Lines: The next area isglabellarlines these are typically those between the "1's," "11's" or "111's." It's a very strong muscle and doctors use 12-30 Botox units anywhere. For younger patients 12 units of Botox, 20 units of Botox are probably my average and for men with very strong glabellar lines, 30 units of Botox are used.

Eyebrow Lift: Next area is here at the edge of the eyebrows a bit lifting, after that. 2-3 Botox units can be placed on either side. This helps to raise your brows and cause some of the brows that women often like.

Crow’s Feet: This is the next area where in each side 4-12 Botox units are used. Allergan manufacturer recommends 12 Botox units and when you do 12 Botox units, it will have a pleasant effect for 3-4 months. Fewer Botox units like the Botox 4-8 units will provide good smoothing, typically not as long as we smile so much and the feet of the crow come out of most parts of the area that I do the fastest.

Jaw Slimming: These are our muscles for chewing food. Many Asian-born women usually have very strong masseter muscles. The jaw is very square. Typically an oval shape is ideal for women, while a square is for men. Women having masculine jawcan look actually more feminine, if we can shrink that muscle. It thus gives the illusion that a higher cheek bone has been raised and a slimmer lower jaw. Basically, we are trying to replicate this triangle of beauty.

Chin: Botox is also available in the chin area. Many women have this horizontal line above the chin and Botox will help in this area. Women tend also to look at their chin with this dimpling/orange peel. When you do some Botox in the body, your muscle will relax and not orange peel.

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