What Is BBL Skin Treatment?

What Is BBL Skin Treatment?

BBL, or Broadband Light, is also known as photo rejuvenation or Strong Pulsed Light. You might know someone who has had a BBL treatment when you hear them say they are getting a photo facial. BBL skin treatment is also not the same thing as laser therapy. For the treatment of the affected region, lasers use a single wavelength, whereas BBL uses more than one wavelength, making it a more stable treatment choice.

How does BBL function?

The basic principle is that any damage to the skin can be used to benefit its appearance underpins Broadband Light treatments. As we age, as we live our daily lives, there is negative skin harm we experience: pollution, sun exposure, exposure to tobacco smoke, poor diet, and the basic make the skin dry, uneven in color wrinkled and rugged in texture.

A BBL or IPL machine sends controlled quantities of heat to the target area, causing slight damage to the body that signals it’s time to create more collagen and go into overdrive to repair the area. Skin cells absorb heat, which promotes the production of collagen. The damaged skin is gone, and without the complications that can often be associated with the use of lasers, the effect is cleaner, firmer, more rejuvenated looking skin. And you can go on with your day as your skin works for you once you're through with your treatment.

Can You Benefit from BBL Therapy?

BBL therapy may be an option for you if you have been looking for a way to help with the appearance of the skin from acne, aging, or sun damage. This non-surgical, FDA-approved dermatological therapy can help you gain trust in the beautiful, supportive organ that is the skin of your body.

Consult a doctor before undertaking some form of cosmetic procedure. Rule out any more extreme conditions that may obscure possible symptoms before pursuing treatment. Your doctor can help you determine if you would benefit from BBL therapy.

Applications for BBL Therapy

For use in dermatological applications, BBL therapy has been FDA approved. For applications such as removing sunspots, minimizing the presence of wrinkles and blood vessels, and reducing the evidence of marks from acne or other skin injuries, it is widely used cosmetically. FDA approved BBL therapy applications include:

1.       Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is a specific skin treatment that targets the symptoms of aging and sun damage using BBL laser therapy. Forever Young BBL activates collagen and elastin to regenerate skin cells, which can help decrease sun damage, age spots, and more.

2.       Forever Clear BBL

BBL was first approved for dermatological applications by the FDA, and is remarkably effective in eliminating acne-related skin issues. Forever Clear BBL, also uses IPL or Intense Pulsed Light to help remove bacteria that cause acne and to decrease inflammation and redness coming from acne and their scars.

3.       Forever Bare BBL

For hair reduction, BBL is allowed as well. Forever Bare BBL is an option if you've long been interested in the concept of laser hair removal. Like other BBL applications, the skin is penetrated by controlled IPL flashes and it destroys hair and chances of regrowth. It has a variety of applications around the lips and jaw,, from arms, shoulders, and legs to facial hair removal.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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