What Is the Laser Hair Removal Process?

What Is the Laser Hair Removal Process?

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment where a laser beam is used to remove unnecessary hair.A laser emits light during the process, which is absorbed into the hair by the pigment (melanin). The light energy becomes heat, which damages the hair follicles of the tube-forming bags in the skin. This damage prevents or retards the growth of future hair.

While it delays hair growth for long periods, it does not usually lead to permanent hair removal. Initial hair removal requires multiple laser hair removal treatments, and maintenance may be required. Laser hair removal is most effective if the skin and dark hair are light, but it is used successfully for all types of skin.

Why This Process Is Done?

Laser hair removal of is used to decrease undesirable hair. Legs, axes, high lip, chin and bikini lines are commonly treated. However, unwanted hair can be treated in almost any area, except the eyelid or area. Nor should skin with tattoos be treated.

The success of laser removal depends on hair color and skin type. The basic principle is that the hair pigment must absorb the light, not the skin pigment. The laser should damage the hair follicle only while preventing skin damage.

What to Expect?

Usually two to six treatments are needed to remove hair. The session intervals depend upon the treatment area. The treatment may be repeated in four to eight weeks in areas where hair production is higher like the upper lip. Treatment can be done every 12 to 16 weeks in areas of slow hair growth like the back.

You will be wearing special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser beam for each treatment. If necessary, a helper could shave the site again. A topical anesthesia may be applied to your skin to reduce any inconvenience while treating.

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How Does the Process Work?

Laser hair removal gives lasting effects to smooth and hairless skin. You do this by using a cosmetic laser that sets off a concentrated light stream in the hair follicles. It kills and prevents the follicle from growing back from the root. The skin and hair follicle color pigment is known as melanin. It gives not only color, but absorbs radiation as well. Perhaps the UV radiation from the sun or from a small cosmetic laser is dangerous.

The principle is called 'selective photothermolysis.' The laser settings are adapted both to the skin and color of the hair.It assures the light wavelength coming from the laser beam matches the hair pigment. For this reason, the treatment is best suited for those with light (low melanin) and dark (greater melanin). The hair's melanin removes the radiation from the skin.

Before the Treatment

Before beginning laser hair removal treatment, you must follow some procedural rules. Let’s talk about the rules.

  • Shave your area of choice a day before laser.

  • Do not wax or use other hair removal techniques, such as plucking or electrical electrolysis, before a laser hair removal process.

  • Stay at least a month before treatment away from the sun, tanning beds, tanning lotion and chlorine waters. If you are sunburned or even tanned you cannot receive treatment so that side effects such as skin clearance are avoided.

  • Do not use scrubber 2 days before treatment and glycolic acid, retinol cream and 2 weeks before chemical skins.

  • Use lotions if your skin feels dry.

Laser Hair Removal – After Care

After laser hair removal, it is very important to follow some skincare routine.

  • Religiously use a sunscreen (SPF 30).

  • Do not wax or pull the hair even after treatment, because the removal of laser hair follicles hinders the process. You must not shave.

  • Avoid scents and deodorants within 24-48 hours of treatment.

  • Laser heat stays in your skin for a day, thus no gym or saunas to prevent bacteria from breeding in and from spotting a warm environment.

  • Do not use scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol cream, and 2 weeks of chemical peels 2 days after treatment.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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