What Should You Need to Know About Kybella?

What Should You Need to Know About Kybella?

In this digitalized era, most people cannot think about their life without social media. People make connections with others through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. They just take selfies of themselves and post them on social media. But taking selfies realize that they have various flaws in their face. So, many people decide to eliminate the double chin and other defects by doing cosmetic treatment. According to the research, four-fifths of treatments were nonsurgical and cosmetic, such as Kybella.


It is a non-surgical injectable and non-invasive medication that is approved by the FDA. You can take the treatment to reduce the double chin if you have one. It is a type of synthetic molecule and the expert injects it into subcutaneous fat under the chin to destroy the cell membrane of fat cells. After injecting that cellular debris is produced as a result of the action and the lymphatic and circulatory systems clear the deoxycholic acid over time.


According to approx. 20 clinical studies, most patients are satisfied to see the result of the treatment. FDA approved this treatment in 2015 due to its effectiveness and safety. Once kybella destroys the fat walls, it does not return. Once you take treatment, after a while the unnecessary fat cell is reduced forever and you get a more attractive look. Keep in mind that as it is a non-surgical treatment so there is no need of applying general anesthesia.


Every session takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The patients have to take a pain-reliever to get relief from injection pain. The expert marks the area under the chin before starting the treatment. After that, almost all the specialists push 20 injections to the marked submental fat area. In the end, they apply ice packs to reduce the swelling and pain.


  • The cost depends on the number of sessions you need and the practitioner you choose.
  • There is no such recovery time at all. You may experience discomfort for a few days.
  • Keep in mind that kybella is not for everyone. If you notice a double chin due to pregnancy or other reasons like loose neck skin, then this treatment is not for you. 


If you want to reduce your double chin and look more attractive to others, then you can go for nonsurgical treatment like kybella. To do that you can consult with the experts of Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa in OKC.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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