What, Why and How of CoolSculpting: Burning Questions Answered

What, Why and How of CoolSculpting: Burning Questions Answered

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Everybody is a dream body. Our bodies do so much for us, it would be a shame to hate them just because they don't always look the way we want them to. This is also all the more reason to take good care of it.

Stubborn fat that you never seem to get rid of is notorious in the fitspo community. You can diet and do cardio and frequent the leg press all you want, but stubborn fat patches are simply too…well, stubborn.

Targeted fat loss has been dismissed as a myth by most of the body-conscious fitness enthusiast population. Rightly so because it is indeed impossible to do so by diet and exercise alone, but no one said anything about body sculpting technologies like coolsculpting, right?.


Now that we've name dropped and you're probably wondering 'geez what now?'. Let us take the liberty to explain what body sculpting actually is.

Body sculpting, sometimes also known as body contouring is the collective name given to a number of procedures that tone and reshape a particular area of the body. It eliminates fat and gets rid of excess skin.

This article will be taking a closer look at one particular procedure called Coolsculpting.


Technically termed as cryolipolysis, it is a nonsurgical, fat reduction procedure. It is a non-invasive way to freeze targeted fat cell and break them down.


The procedure is fairly simple and involves the following steps.

  • STEP 1

Your healthcare provider will apply a gel pad and an applicator to the targeted area.

  • STEP 2

This applicator extracts heat and provides controlled cooling to the fat cells. The applicator is moved around and even suction and cooling is administered throughout the target area.

  • STEP 3

Fat cells are frozen to death and Inflammatory cells move in, further breaking down the remnants of the fat cells in the process.


If you have pinchable subcutaneous fat in your lower abdomen, upper arms, inner thigh or face/neck, cool sculpting is ideal for you. It doesn't have a strict physical criteria to meet before the procedure. If you still have questions, you can always reach out to our customer care at Longevity Aesthetic& Laser Spa. We will be more than happy to help you out.


The procedure is entirely non-invasive and does not involve anesthesia. It was approved by the FDA in 2012 and since then more than 8 million such procedures have been administered across the globe. You can however experience temporary side effects like swelling, bruising or sensitivity.

NOTE - Coolsculpting may not be right for you if you have a history of Raymaund's disease or severe sensitivity to cold.


Yes. Once the fat cells have been destroyed the body is unable to produce new fat cells. If you gain enough weight, it is possible for the flab to disfigure the desired contour of your body but once you lose a few pounds, your coolsculpting results will show.


The Longevity’s team promises to deliver to your expectations. We provide the best coolsculpting services in Oklahoma City. It is of utmost importance to us that you're provided elite customer service. Schedule a free consultation and get attractive discounts!

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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