What You Must Know About Thermiva

What You Must Know About Thermiva

Women have been subjected to cosmetic operations for many years for a number of rejuvenating treatments. Thermiva is non-surgical, energy-based treatment that has enabled women to have control on their body again.

ThermiVa is a non-surgical operation, which sends thermal energy controlled to the external and internal vaginal tissues. It rejuvenates and restores vaginal skin to counter the effects of childbirth and hormone fluctuation and aging through the temperature-checked radio frequency system.

The energy produced during vaginal rejuvenation helps to reshape the collagens, thus strengthening the vagina's support structures. The skin and muscles increase elasticity, while the targeted heat tension and restoration of the entire vaginal zone. ThermiVa is conducted over three months in three separate treatments.

It is common to have questions before undergoing any procedure. We are here to simplify your doubts.

Who Is the Right Candidate of Thermiva?

Vaginal rejuvenation deals with a number of problems and makes the pool of candidates quite large. For women with the following symptoms, ThermiVa is ideal:

  • Loosened vagina after child birth

  • Chronic vaginitis

  • During peri or pose menopausal overactive bladder happens

  • Incontinence of urine

  • Inability to take breast cancer hormones

  • Chronic infection in vagina

  • Lack of elasticity

ThermiVa Benefits

Leaking Bladder

Although many women aren't interested in this issue, lack of bladder control is a real problem — and many women find that the problem gets worse after they have kids and grow older. It might be an embarrassing and even worrying problem, but using radio frequency – as in the case of ThermiVa – can help patients regain control.

Change in Laxity

Many women do not talk about laxity but this is a serious concern. This is also a problem which can get worse with age but vaginal rejuvenation from ThermiVa may provide a solution. Especially in the internal vaginal canal, increasing collagen production has a tightening effect.


We often talk about how to improve the physical appearance of the radio-frequency in cosmetic procedure – and that is very much the case here. In short, women who want to change the look of their intimate areas can find that ThermiVa offers the option they need.

Again, the key here is the production of collagen that strains the labial minor and external vaginal tissues.


Another common problem many women have is moisture loss — and here again; vaginal rejuvenation of ThermiVa can be a meaningful solution. As menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms occur to women, a loss of vaginal lubrication may be a problem that some people accept just as a consequence of time and ageing.

Importantly, the radiofrequency energy actually increases blood flow to the vaginal tissue that helps to grain. And there are numerous positive effects, including less painful relationships and only improved vaginal health overall.


In the last section, we mentioned that vaginal rejuvenation may have a lubricating effect that results in fewer pain in sex — but we can actually take one step further and say that something like ThermiVa can enhance your sexual pleasure.

This means it can improve the sensation of the vagina – increasing the density of small nerve fibers and improving a woman's orgasm.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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