Yes, Men Can Also Do Laser Hair Removal!

Yes, Men Can Also Do Laser Hair Removal!

Some men experience hair development in parts of their body which can be removed from their bodies permanently. This blog will help address permanent laser hair removal for men if you are living with such hair growth in some parts of your body.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The treatment option applies light energy to go through the hair shaft for killing the hair root. Although the follicles are not killed, in the field where the treatment is applied, it is difficult for other hair to develop.

Laser hair therapy is going to last long and long. Laser treatment for removal of hair on the chest, back, shoulders, stomach and genital area may be used as a means of permanent hair removal for men. Each treatment can take at least 30 minutes and a further eight treatment sessions.

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment with a concentrated light beam (laser) for hair removal.

A laser produces light and the pigment (melanin) absorbs it during laser hair removal. The energy or light is then converted to heat, damaging the tube-shaped bags in the skin that produce hair. This damage hampers or slows the growth of future hair.

While this treatment interrupts hair growth effectively for a long time, it does not usually lead to permanent hair removal. Initial hair removal requires multiple laser hair removal processes and maintenance treatments. It is best for people with light skin and dark hair, but it can successfully be applied in all types of skin.

Why to Do It?

The removal of laser hair is used to reduce the hair you do not want on your body. The legs, upper lip, chin and genital area are commonly treated. However, in almost every area except the eyelash or surrounding area unwanted hair can be treated. But tattooed skin is not treated.

The success of laser hair removal is influenced by hair color and skin type. The fundamental principle is to absorb light by the hair pigment, but not the skin pigment. The laser should only damage the hair follicle and prevent skin damage. The best result is thus a contrast between skin color and hair — dark hair and light skin.

The risk of skin damage is higher if the hair and skin color differ little, but advances in laser technology have made the removal of laser hair an option for people with darker skin. This is less effective for hair colors such as grey, red, blond, and white. Laser treatment options continue to be developed for light-colored hair however.

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