Your Guide To The First Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Your Guide To The First Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Face and body hair should be one of the worst things – no matter how often you get rid of them, they just come back! It just doesn't matter! It's totally cool if you're happy with the body hair, but fans of this smooth and fresh silky feel are sure to be curious about the laser hair removal – the technology for hair removal that will actually get your hair for good! Though it is costlier than razors, you can save money on the long run by investing in laser hair removal if you're waxing at the salon.


Laser hair removal works by targeting a pigment called melanin, which lives deep inside the hair follicle in the bulge region. This heat up, damaging the follicle and either completely destroys it, eliminating the growth of the hair or damaging it sufficiently to slow the hair growth of the follicle dramatically. Several treatments can be needed for best results.

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It may take 5-10 therapies, depending on the area being treated. Lower legs, bikini and underarms are the best with the fewest treatments in areas of grosser dark hair. The face can be one of the most persistent areas and, like arms, may take additional sessions.


There are a number of things you can do if you want to improve your laser hair removal results. We have the best expert tips to ensure that your laser hair removal sessions are taken full advantage of:

Six weeks before your first laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid removing hair from the root. No tweezing or waxing is required. Why does this happen? This ensures that laser hair removal sessions do not tackle all follicles during the growth phase by removing the hair from the roots.

  • Before your laser hair removal session, you should not wear any makeup, deodorant or lotion.

  • 24 hours before your laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid caffeine. Although this is not necessary, some people reported that during the current session, this can reduce discomfort.

  • Do not tan and use sunscreen.

  • Do not tan. During your laser hair removal treatments, you will want your skin to be as light as possible. Furthermore, after a laser-hair removal session, your cut will be super irritated. Please ensure that you have at least two weeks before and after each treatment use the SPF 30 + sunscreen.

  • Inform your physician if the treatments for laser hair removal are in progress before you start.

  • For a week before laser hair removal sessions, you will want to avoid any exfoliating agents such as Retinol-A or beta hydroxyl acids.

  • Do not rub, pick or use loofahs or abrasive scrubs on the treated surface for at least five days after laser hair removal therapy.

  • You will also wish for three days following therapy to avoid any heavy sport or hot water, saunas and jacuzzis.

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**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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