Takes Approximately 30-45 Minutes

  • What Is A Thread Lift?

    • Gives a non-surgical facelift to areas around the cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes, stimulating collagen in the process
    • Recovery Time: Post-treatment, temporary soreness or face swelling can be expected, but will fade within a week or two.
    • Cost: $50 – $2000+
  • How Does A Thread Lift Work?

    The treatment involves using multiple variations of Polydioxanone (PDO) absorbable sutures which are strategically inserted under the skin for immediate lifting and tightening effects. The sutures dissolve naturally over a few months while stimulating new collagen.


Are you looking for a fresh, youthful look without all the cutting?

PDO threads are completely non-surgical, FDA-approved, with a long safety track record. They’re helpful for individuals who want to improve skin laxity, fine lines, scarring and skin texture while fighting the aging process.

And the best part is you will see results immediately and over the course of 1-6 months as collagen builds.

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Is a PDO Thread Lift Right for Me?

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