• Buy Halo & Get BBL FREE

    It's Like A Real Life Filter For Your Face...

    This quick and easy combined procedure helps dramatically improve skin tone and texture:

    Halo Benefits:

    + Improve Texture
    + Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    + Decrease Pore Size + Tighten Skin

    BBL Benefits:

    + Remove Dark Spots

    + Remove Brown & Red Spots

    +Build Collagen

    While stimulating regrowth of new skin.

    *Full face Halo and BBL must be booked within the same appointment to qualify.

    Limit 1 per client.

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  • Say Good-Bye to Excess Fat

    just in time for Swimsuit Season

    With Coolsculpting, there's no need for needles, surgery, or any downtime to eliminate stubborn fat, including love handles and muffin tops. This cutting-edge technology freezes the fat away, offering an excellent and efficient solution that helps your body naturally eliminate fat.

    • Reduce up to 25% of Unwanted Fat in a given area per treatment
    • No Surgery
    • No Downtime
    • Clinically Proven
    Explore Coolsculpting 
  • Sculpt Your Abs or Booty for $1800. this March

    Save 50% on a series of 4 Emsculpt sessions...

    This zero downtime treatment uses high-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to build muscle.

    Experience more muscle contractions than humanly possible in the gym.

    • A 30-min Emsculpt session = 20,000 crunches or 20,000 lunges. 

    Without muscle fatigue or pain.

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