Redness and Veins

Some degree of visible redness and veins is normal, but large or noticeable instances may cause patients concern. At Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa, the two most common instances of redness and veins that patients seek treatment for are spider veins and rosacea.

Also known as telangiectasia, spider veins are small, visible blood vessels that are red, blue or purple in color and usually twist and turn in a manner that resembles a spider web. While these most commonly appear on the legs and face, they can develop on any area of the body. Spider veins are usually harmless, but can nonetheless be embarrassing for some patients if they are particularly prominent.

Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin characterized by frequent flushing and visible redness, bumps, pimples and/or blood vessels. The exact cause of rosacea is unknown, and there is currently no cure.

What Treatments are Available for Redness and Veins at our Practice?

At Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa, our talented aesthetic specialists administer a broad range of comprehensive procedures to target veins and improve the appearance of rosacea-related redness. These include:

  • Sciton Broadband Light®

    By delivering specific wavelengths of gentle, broad-band light, the Sciton Broadband Light® targets spider veins and redness at their source, improving their appearance without significant downtime or discomfort.

  • Elos

    The comprehensive Elos laser can be used to target pesky spider veins, rupturing and eliminating them using quick, noninvasive treatment techniques.

  • Halo

    The Halo laser targets blood vessels responsible for rosacea-related redness with hybrid fractional technology, bringing immediate relief and long-lasting reduction of symptoms.

  • Spider Vein Treatment

    With Asclera Sclerotherapy, patients can eliminate visible spider veins using fast, simple and effective injectable treatments.

Don’t let visible redness and veins get in the way of your confidence.

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